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Park Center’s Commitment to Anti-racism 

June 5, 2020

Black communities across the country are grieving right now in response to the horrific murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. Park Center grieves alongside these communities, and alongside our staff, members, and supporters who are part of these communities. The racial injustices we continue to witness force us all to become uncomfortable and it is only inside of that discomfort that we can grow and change. Park Center believes in recovery, and we believe that our organization, our community, and our country can and must do better. 

We see our need to do more, in every sphere of our influence, and we are committed to dismantling the policies and practices that perpetuate racism in our community and within our organization. We have arrived at this moment in time due to inaction, and we are committed to finding methods of bringing about positive change. Park Center believes that racial justice is health justice. Trauma changes our biology and impacts our ability to heal and recover. We see the disparities in recovery outcomes among communities of color. We see injustice in the availability of mental health support services and addiction treatment, the likelihood of experiencing homelessness, employment opportunities, and access to safe, affordable housing. 

Park Center is committed to creating an equitable and inclusive workplace for all employees and members. Our staff will soon be participating in an in-depth anti-racism training process that will build the foundation for our work going forward. Anti-racism requires focused, sustained action to intentionally and proactively change our ways of thinking. This work is critical to our success in carrying out our mission. We will do the work now, tomorrow, and until Park Center is a place of equity, inclusion, and safety for every employee.

Below are some resources that may be helpful. 

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