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In 2013, Meseret ended years of experiencing chronic homelessness by moving into permanent supportive housing at Park Center. In February 2020, shortly after choosing to move out of Park Center housing, she lost her job due to COVID-19 and returned to living on the streets and in her car.  

Park Center’s Homeless Outreach Team quickly reconnected with Meseret to problem-solve and support her decision-making around housing, healthcare access, and basic needs like food, clothing, and repairing her immobilized car. Staff was able to reach a local mechanic who informed us, at no cost, that her car battery was completely dead and would need a new battery. Thanks to the Dennis Wenner Fund, we were able to purchase a new battery and her outreach worker, Jessica, changed it out. Meseret also signed a lease for permanent supportive housing, reengaged in mental health treatment, and applied for disability benefits through our SOAR program. 

Yesterday, Meseret spoke to her daughter for the first time in several months. Meseret learned that her daughter will be graduating high school in May 2021. Today, she states, “I’m so happy, now. I’m so happy you care for me. You never give up."