Make a Referral

Hello, my name is Zach Harlow, Park Center’s Data and Intake Coordinator. I can help you with any questions you may have about Park Center’s programs and the referral process.

How To Make A Referral:

  • Complete a Referral Form. The most effective way to make a referral to Park Center is by using the online form which is provided to your right.
  • Complete a Release of Information (ROI) Form: This allows Park Center to access psychiatric medical records from an individual’s provider source. You may fax or email this to me once a referral has been made. You can download the ROI form by clicking here.
  • Please allow me 48 business hours to respond to all referrals. I will contact you by phone or email.

Current Program Updates:

The following programs are taking referrals:

  • IOP/OP (Intensive Outpatient Program & Outpatient Program)
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation & Co-Occurring Psychiatric Rehabilitation day programs
  • Emerging Adults Psychiatric Rehabilitation day program (ages 18-24)
    SOAR facility (disability applications for persons in hospitals, jails, prisons)

The following programs are taking referrals for a wait list:

  • SOAR
  • Supported Employment
  • Supported Housing for men & women (short wait list)
  • Emerging Adults Housing for men & women (ages 18-24)
  • Independent Housing (estimated 3-6 months to be called for an interview)
  • Homeless shelter for women

Contact Information:

Phone: 615-724-6278

Fax: 615-650-8917