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A History of How About Dinner And A Movie?

January 25, 2022

It has been a quarter of a century of laughs, tears, great food, friends, and most importantly, giving back to the community. Park Center Board Member Barbara Daane, whose passion is Park Center, had an idea in 1997 after attending countless fundraisers and parties throughout Nashville. She wanted to help and wanted to do something different. What is more relaxing, easy-going, and fun than asking a friend, "How About Dinner And A Movie?" And that's how it started.

The Belcourt Theatre was the desired location, but the beautiful venue was not what it is today. Operated by another organization, Mrs. Daane secured the venue rental. Still, the theatre was about to close before the first fundraising event. Fortunately, with the hard work, grit, and determination of Mrs. Daane, the event prevailed and Park Center's first "How About Dinner And A Movie?" started a tradition that has lasted since.

Over the years, a committed and influential committee of local volunteers has helped secure auction items from hundreds of local businesses. They have helped usher in hundreds of passionate friends and neighbors to educate them about Park Center's work and the impact their contributions can make. In addition to the thousands of dollars raised, this event has honored someone special to Park Center almost every year. Here is a look back at the Honorees and movies from the last 25 years.  


1998: In Memory of Frances Garrison 

1999: In Memory of Frances Garrison and Tipper Gore officiating  

2000 - 2004: No Honoree  

2005: Charlie Hawkins

2006: In Memory of Arthur Fox  

2007: Barbara Daane  

2008: In Memory of Connie Duprey 

2009: 25th Anniversary of Park Center  

2010: Louise Katzman 

2011: Jennie Adams  

2012: Emmylou Harris  

2013: Dewey, Barbara, and Whitney Daane  

2014: Robert Lipman 

2015: Amy and Frank Garrison and In Memory of Louise Katzman  

2016: In Memory of Alex Steele 

2017: Bill Forrester  

2018: Bill Young 

2019: Edie Bass  

2020: Ron Samuels  

2021: Healthcare Workers  


1998: Kundun 

1999: Savoir 

2000: Cries of Silence 

2001: Song Catcher  

2002: The Cat’s Meow 

2003: Mondays in the Sun  

2004: Eulogy  

2005: Dear Mrs. Cash  

2006: A Good Woman 

2007: Laura Film Noir  

2008: The Last Romantic 

2009: The Soloist 

2010: The Visitor 

2011: Cedar Rapids 

2012: Dean Spanley 

2013: The Untouchables  

2014: Summer in February  

2015: Serena 

2016: Life is Beautiful 

2017: Saving Banksy 

2018: Pecking Order  

2019: Into the Canyon 

2020: The Graduate  

2021: The Outside Story

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