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After running away from his adoptive family at the age of 16, Nathan has experienced street homelessness for over two decades. After having over 250 ‘homeless arrests’—ranging from trespassing, obstruction of passageway and solicitation—the mental health court judge connected Nathan with Park Center in 2009. Since that time, we have worked with him to obtain disability benefits and permanent housing. We were able to find him permanent housing on three separate occasions; however, because he has spent so much of his life living on the streets, he felt more comfortable being on the streets than being in a home. This past winter, Nathan found himself on the streets of Nashville again. One night, he was found unresponsive by an outreach worker who had to conduct CPR to revive him. After this incident, Nathan recognized that something needed to change. He continued to follow up with outreach staff almost weekly. With support from our staff, this spring Nathan moved into his own one-bedroom apartment!

Knowing Nathan's history of housing instability, our staff set up helpful and preventative practices beginning even before he moved in. This includes having the option to sleep in a tent setup outside his apartment if he’d prefer to stay outdoors. Nathan has adjusted to life in his apartment and he has also kept it exceptionally clean. Nathan is optimistic about the future, knowing that he has Park Center's full support in any goals he hopes to achieve.