Homeless Outreach

Homeless Outreach

Park Center’s Homeless Outreach team serves the needs of people experiencing homelessness, particularly those who have mental illness and substance use disorders. Estimates show that approximately 45% of Nashville’s homeless population have a mental illness and these individuals are among the most vulnerable in our community.

Homeless Outreach Services consists of two components: Street Outreach and SOAR (SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery). 

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Homeless Outreach Services consists of two components: Street Outreach and SOAR (SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery). Park Center's SOAR Coordinators work with individuals residing in Nashville (Davidson County) who are experiencing literal homelessness and have a severe and persistent mental illness where symptoms limit the individual's ability to engage in substantial gainful activity (SGA). A person who is earning more than a certain monthly amount* is ordinarily considered to be engaging in SGA. 

*Determined by the Social Security Administration.

Street Outreach

Identifies people living on the streets through outreach and engagement strategies; assists them in obtaining vital records; and offers case management, transportation and housing.

SOAR Outreach

Works to increase access to SSI/SSDI (Supplemental Security Income/Social Security Disability Income) disability benefits for individuals by guiding them through the Social Security Application process. 

Success Rate

Homeless Outreach Services is well established and has demonstrated a high level of success in assisting individuals with the SSI/SSDI application process and connecting them with critical services in the community. Since its inception in 2006, Homeless Outreach Services has assisted over 900 individuals in successfully obtaining disability benefits, an important first step to recovery, employment and housing.

Street Psychiatry Partnership

Park Center collaborates with Vanderbilt University Medical Center to provide psychiatric and basic medical care to individuals experiencing homelessness in Nashville. Each week, a Vanderbilt physician and residents accompany a Homeless Outreach staff member to non-traditional settings (streets, parks, homeless camps, etc.) to provide mental status exams, medication management, therapy and attend to other medical needs as appropriate to individuals who otherwise would not seek treatment in a hospital.

SOAR Outreach

  • For adults in Davidson County (not appropriate for those for whom physical disability is primary)
  • Must be experiencing literal homelessness. Literal homelessness is defined as living on the streets or other places not meant for human habitation. 
  • Cannot have an SSI/SSDI case currently pending
  • Must have mental illness diagnosis and medical records for twelve (12) months

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