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Volunteer Page

How Can You Help?

Volunteer opportunities listed below are types of activities at Park Center.

Tutoring in math and reading

Lunch Buddies - eating lunch with a member on a weekly basis

Offering your expertise in yoga, music, art, knitting, etc.

Group volunteer activities: gather a group of your friends or co-workers (up to 15 people) to assist with larger tasks such as painting, landscaping, organizing the warehouse, etc. Group activities should be scheduled as least one (1) month in advance.
Please email Ashley Blum at for group volunteer inquires.

Volunteer Opportunities

Recurring Opportunities:

Administrative Volunteer
Wednesdays from 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm 

We are seeking 1-2 volunteers to help us with administrative tasks including office organization, assisting with mailings, digitizing past paper files, and more. We will host volunteers at our 1935 21st Ave South location on Wednesdays from 12:00 - 3:00 pm. If you have questions, please email .

Warehouse Volunteer

We are seeking 1-2 volunteers on a regular basis to assist us with keeping our warehouse of clothing, shoes, tents, etc. organized so outreach workers can easily find items to give out to members experiencing homelessness.