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365 Club

This group of annual donors commits to giving $1 a day, acknowledging that mental health is important every day of the year. Your gifts make an impact by supporting mental health advocacy in our community and providing direct support to our members.

Members of the 365 Club will receive the following perks:  

  • Special communications from Park Center leadership on the state of the organization  
  • Invitation to the annual virtual State of Park Center  
  • Recognition on Park Center’s website 

To join, members must contribute $365 each year by making a one-time gift or splitting their gift into monthly or quarterly payments.  

Class of 2022


Michael Abelow
Anne and Kurt Andress
Frank M. Andrews
Addam Arrington
Hunter and Leigh Atkins
Martha Boyd
Angela Bruni
Elizabeth and James Bumpas
Clay Caroland
William Connelly
Honoree Corder
Anna and Phillip Cramer
Douglas and Sondra Cruickshanks, Jr.
Robert Currie
Lauren Curry
Jill Haydel and Mac Dobson
Kevin Michael Doherty
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Dovan
Dr. Frank and Mrs. Drummond
Phil and Mary Jane Duke
Maria and Daniel Dunn
Lisa Eggebeen
Christine Feinberg
Erica Feinberg
Bill Forrester
Sandy Foster
Amy and Frank Garrison
Emily and Mark Griffin
Kandace Groher
David Grooms
Tony and Margaret Wallace Heard
Cynthia Himmelfarb
Don & Julie Hubbs
Mr. and Mrs. David B Ingram
Francis and Vicki King
Kristine LaLonde
Jared Lesher
Midori Lockett
Janine Lucas
Dani and Bennett Lieberman
Keith Maune
Bob and Sue Mendes
Lori Myers
Dr. Kirby Pate and Ms. Catherine Link
Steven J. Riley
Jane Roe
Dara Russell
Portia Sabin
Dayle Savage
Laurie and Jim Seabury
Jane and Sam Stumpf
Tori Thomas
Nicole Tidwell
Don Ware
Cynthia Hubbard Wiel
Lisa Wooley



Class of 2021

Frank M. Andrews
Hunter and Leigh Atkins
Diane Luton Blum
Ashley Wright Blum
Martha Boyd
Helen Gaye and Earl Brewster
Katherine Buck
Emily Bush
Charles Frederick Callihan, II
William Connelly
Jill Haydel and Mac Dobson
Maria and Daniel Dunn
Erica Feinberg
David Grooms
Jay Jones, Jr.
Steve Lassiter and Sally Rose
Amy Maden
Keith Maune
Tanya Mayes
Shermelle Ferguson McKay
Lauren Roberts
Jane Roe
Diane Merle Roseberry
Nina C. Sivek
Cara Rebecca Stout
Renee Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Jacque Voegeli
Chas and Sam Werner
Cynthia Hubbard Wiel
Pat Williams
Don M. Wright