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November 3, 2020

Today is election day. The election can be a major cause of stress and anxiety, regardless of your political views. This year in particular, more than two-thirds of Americans say the election is a significant source of stress. With record numbers of stress and substance use already being reported since the start of the pandemic, learning how to manage stress and pay attention to our mental health is key. 

Tackle election stress with these 5 coping skills:

1. Set time limits when watching the news or on social media. 

2. Engage in self-care (i.e. take a walk, bake, etc.)

3. Practice mindfulness techniques when you feel stressed or anxious.  

4. Connect with friends or family who make you happy.  

5. Look into your workplace’s Employee Assistance Program for counseling options. 

Experts say thafocusing on what you can control can help you manage your stress levels. For example, if you voted by mail, tracking your ballot online is a simple but effective action step that may help calm your mind. Or if you plan to vote in person today, you may feel more at ease if you have a specific voting plan and know your poll locationBeing well-prepared and knowing what to expect at the polls today can help reduce your overall stress level.  

The stress felt by so many during this election is a reminder to prioritize your mental health, learn what coping skills work best for you and use them to improve your overall well-being.

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