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Park Center is proud to offer an enlivening discussion with Dr. Marybeth Shinn, the co-author of:

In the Midst of Plenty:  Homelessness and What To Do About It. 
Dr. Marybeth Shinn and Dr. Jill Khadduri 
April 7, 2021 | 8:30 am
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The book is organized around four questions:

1. Who becomes homeless?

2. Why do people become homeless (and why are people of color overrepresented)?

3. How do we end homelessness for different groups?

4. How do we prevent it?


Barbara Poppe calls the book: “an essential guide about the history of modern homelessness [that offers] a clear path forward to end this American tragedy. The policy recommendations on ending homelessness are culled from the best about what we know works.”