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Creating Conditions for Recovery

December 15, 2020

Although this year has been challenging, we're proud to share that we never stopped providing care to our members - even as the country was grinding to a halt because of quarantine restrictions. COVID-19 forced us to be creative about how to deliver mental health services in a remote environment and our staff rose to the challenge: 

-Our Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Outpatient programs began (and are still) doing phone outreach to clients on a regular basis. These calls are focused on coping skills and strategies to use during the quarantine.  

-Our Homeless Outreach program continued to ensure basic needs for food and medication were provided to our members living on the streets or in encampments. Our team delivered 810 food boxes and 450 hot meals to people living in encampments and continue to identify and pursue housing options. 

-Our Residential Services programs never close and those operations have continued throughout the tornado chaos and quarantine, serving hundreds of members.  

-Our Emerging Adults (ages 18-25) members have stayed safe with the support of our housing staff. 

-Our IPS Supported Employment program has continued operations remotely. We've helped members find jobs who lost work because of the shut-downs and connected them to “bridge” jobs to get them through until things stabilize. 

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